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Precision Auto Lending was created and established to offer a solution to a very strong need in the Las Vegas market.  Buying a Used Car is and always has been a difficult activity for anybody.  A study in the 1990's showed that the public preferred a trip to the dentist over a trip to a used car dealership to buy a car. The car industry has more than earned the poor reputation that so many have labeled it with.  Use Car Dealerships have lied to customers, sold them used cars that didn't make sense, and there are countless other terrible tactics that have been applied.  Our business model understands that we can take advantage of how other used car dealerships in Las Vegas treat their customers and take a big piece of the market. We are here to serve and help our customers, not sell them.  We know that if we serve our customers, offer them viable solutions to their used car needs, and treat them as we would treat a family member; we will essentially earn their business. The key is that we understand that we must offer both quality service, quality used vehicles, and flexible financing options to earn your business.  

Our staff is highly trained and we aim to serve our clients and offer them viable solutions to their problems.  We offer more value and services than any other used car dealership in Las Vegas.  Other car dealerships in Las Vegas can't compete with the programs the Precision Auto Lending brings to the used car market in Las Vegas.  We offer a trade in value guarantee for all of our customers who purchase from us, which is unheard of in the used car sales world.  When you purchase a used car from us we will offer a $2000 over trade in value assurance when you trade your car in with us.  

In addition to our trade in value guarantee we also offer a comprehensive maintenance and repair program that is exclusive to our customers and that is something that no other Las Vegas Used Car Dealership is willing to offer.  When you purchase a used car it is smart to anticipate all costs associated with ownership of a used vehicle.  On top of your monthly payment, insurance, and fueling; maintenance and repair are important with a used car as with any machine.  Over the lifespan of ownership of a used vehicle, several costs such as brakes, tires, belts, hoses, and batteries can add up.  This maintenance and repair cost can add up to thousands with any used vehicle if you want to keep your investment in working condition.  We offer a used car dealership maintenance program that no other Las Vegas Car Lot offers.  We offer to repair all of your associated costs at our cost.  This can save you thousands over the lifespan of ownership of your used vehicle.

Our goal is to be much different than all other Used Car Dealers in Las Vegas which is why we offer so many programs of value to our customers.  If you don't see that car that you need on our lot, we will go get it for you.  We have access to thousands of auctions so finding exactly what you need will not be a problem.  We want all of our customers to love the car that they buy from us.

We also offer a variety of warranty programs that our clients choose from to best fit their driving needs.  We protect our customers in very way possible so that they remain a Precision Auto Lending customer for life.  Other Used Car Dealerships in Las Vegas don't understand the value in customer loyalty, but we do.  We know that Loyal customers are invaluable to any business and the path to a loyal customer is to treat them right, especially after they have already purchased.  

On top of all of the value that we offer our customers, we also offer one of the best referral bonus programs that the used car industry has to offer.  Go ahead and ask any other Las Vegas Used Car Dealership about their referral program and they will give you an inconsistent answer.  We'll give you are referral program in writing and it pays out big.  It's just another way that Precision Auto Lending bring a ton of value to the market place.  


At Precision Auto Lending we understand that even good people can face unfortunate circumstances in life and sometimes those circumstances can have a negative impact on credit history. In the Las Vegas Used Car Market especially, there is a need for flexible financing options. Our Used Car Second Chance Finance Program was designed to help good people with bad credit get approved unlike any other Used Car Dealer in Las Vegas. Our Bad Credit Auto Loan Program is very unique because in addition to the normal lenders that all other Used Car Dealers in Las Vegas use, we offer a Private Lending Program that is exclusive to our Dealership. No matter what your credit situation might be, we will offer a viable solution and realistic options for all of our clients.  Our goal isn't just to get our customers approved auto loans with quality used cars but instead, we strive to put our valued customers in manageable situations so that they are set up for success moving forward with their auto loan.  Statistics show that customers who are paying on their vehicles see increased defaults when the cost of repairs and maintenance spike, creating a financial hardship for the customer.  It is due to this dynamic that Precision Auto Lending has created a maintenance protection program exclusive to our customers so that the cost of repairs and maintenance will never cause financial stress.  

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